Session Five: Reimagine

What does your faith have to say to those whose backs are against the wall? This question is inspired by the Black American Christian mystic Howard Thurman in this fifth session. Inspired by the prophets that emerge from the Abrahamic tradition, participating clergy will get clear on the world that our faith traditions imagine for those whom we love and the power we must claim in order to make this world real.

ENCOUNTER – 20 min

  • REVIEW: Theology of Resistance Praxis Model 

  • LISTEN: Imagination

    • Scriptural Story highlighting Imagination 

    • Imam Jihad Saafir shares how the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) example inspires his leadership and spurs his imagination 

  • DISCUSS: What is sacred imagination? Prophetic imagination? What role does imagination have in our leadership?  

DISRUPT – 30 min

  • PRACTICE: This, Not That

    • Imagine the world as God/the Sacred imagines it 

REIMAGINE – 20 min

  • DISCUSS: What is the meaning of the world as it should be for us? For our congregations? What power do we need to make this world real?

ACT – 20 min

  • REVIEW: An Imagination with Legs: Diagram together the power that you’ll need to live into your prophetic imagination 

  • DO: [TBD by Federation]


  • Walter Brueggemann, Preface to The Prophetic Imagination

  • Dr. Stephen Ray, On Religious Discourse transcript