Session Four: Disrupt

When did justice become critical to your faith leadership? The fourth session of the series asks clergy leaders to dig into the moments of disruption that gave birth to their orientations toward justice and deep community. As people of faith, our lives are subject every day to being disrupted and transformed by our faith. This session is intended to help clergy make the connection between personal/spiritual experiences of disruption and role of disruption in organizing. Just as disruption transforms our faith, disruption in public life has the ability to rupture the dominant narrative and transform our communities.  

ENCOUNTER – 25 min

  • REVIEW: Theology of Resistance Praxis Model 

  • LISTEN: Story of Disruption

    • Prepared story of Disruption by participating clergy leader, OR

    • Scriptural story of Disruption 

    • Rev. Jose Humphreys discusses his personal experience of disruption around race and his call to disrupt his clergy colleagues 

DISRUPT – 30 min

  • REVIEW: Anatomy of a Story: Identify the assumptions, moment of disruption, and aftermath of the presented story.

  • DISCUSS: In what ways has your faith already disrupted you? What tensions do you navigate in your role as a clergy leader?

REIMAGINE – 20 min

  • DISCUSS: In what ways does your congregation or community need to be disrupted? How should we be creating tension and around what?

ACT – 15 min

  • REVIEW: How are you as a faith leader called to disrupt?

  • DO: [TBD by Federation]


  • Bishop Robert McElroy, “We Must Disrupt” address, Feb 2017 World Meeting of Popular Movements

  • Rev. Jin S. Kim interview, Prophetic Resistance Podcast