Session One: Prophetic Resistance

What do we mean by Prophetic Resistance? Why do we need theological and ethical practices in the work of organizing? This first of six sessions introduces the big concepts and key terms we will be exploring over the course of this Theology of Resistance formation series, including Theology, Empire, Prophets, and Resistance. Clergy leaders will be introduced to the movement of the Theology of Resistance model and have a sense of how PICO’s organizing work serves our theological and ethical convictions.

ENCOUNTER – 30 min

  • DISCUSS: How has Rev. Ben’s faith changed in the last few years? How has his understanding of God and his ministry changed? In what ways does his faith inform his work today?

– 45 min

  • PRESENT: Key Terms (theology/empire/prophets/resistance)

  • DISCUSS: Define the key terms as a group and chart their relationship to each other. i.e.  What role does theology play in prophetic leadership? What does empire have to do with resistance?

ACT – 15 min

  • REVIEW: How do you see the Theology of Resistance praxis model at work in your federation organizing? In your religious leadership?

  • DO: