Session Six: Prophetic Action

Are you a chaplain of the empire or a prophet of the resistance? This provocative question invites clergy participants to explore the social impact of their community leadership in the final session of the Theology of Resistance series. We revisit the destructive narrative of empire and dig into the role that clergy play in dismantling these narratives. The clergy caucus members are finally tasked to create an organizing plan of action to powerfully move their alternative vision – their reimagining – into public life.

ENCOUNTER – 15 min


    • Federation examples of Prophetic Action

      • e.g. ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance

    • Scriptural stories of prophetic action 

    • Prepared story of Prophetic Action by participating clergy leader

    • Sister Simone Campbell shares her story of making the leap from holding convictions about justice to taking action on those convictions  


DISRUPT – 35 min

  • PRACTICE: Dissect the story of prophetic action. Identify (a) who or what is empire; (b) what is the critique of empire in the story; (c) what is the alternative vision; and (d) what is the resulting action?

  • DISCUSS: From which wells does Empire draw its power (use local examples)? How have people of faith historically disrupted Empire (dominant narratives)? What are the consequences of silence, inaction, or escapism for people of faith?

REIMAGINE – 10 min

  • REFLECT: What is your power? What ability do you have in the face of injustice? Give your imagination agency: What have you done? What must you do? What will you do today?    

ACT – 30 min

  • PLAN: Create a plan of action for your clergy caucus to realize your vision for justice 

  • DO: [TBD by Federation]