Session Three: Encounter

Encounter is the first movement of the Theology of Resistance praxis model. It acknowledges that our leadership is shaped not only by our training and formation, but also by the uncanny encounters that break open our realities and demand that we see the world in a new way. We are often quite good at describing our training and less skilled at sharing the stories that have quietly and profoundly shaped us. This session invites clergy leaders to excavate those singular encounters that compel them to seek justice as faith leaders.

ENCOUNTER – 20 min

  • REVIEW: Theology of Resistance praxis model 

  • LISTEN: Story of Encounter

    • Prepared story of encounter by participating clergy leader OR

    • Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould shares her story of Encounter in Ferguson, Missouri, and the impact this experience had on her ministry (Prophetic Resistance podcast excerpt) OR

    • Scriptural story of Encounter 

 DISRUPT – 30 min

  • REFLECT: Identify one personal encounter with struggle or pain that has profoundly shaped your clergy leadership. What did it change? How? When did justice become critical to your leadership?

  • PRACTICE: Tell your story of encounter (in small group or plenary) using the storytelling guidelines.

 REIMAGINE – 25 min

  • DISCUSS: How did these encounters reshape your understanding of God? Of your religious leadership? How does your congregation create space for transformational encounter?

 ACT – 15 min

  • REVIEW: Storytelling best practices 

  • DO: [TBD by Federation]