Session Two: Empire

What does your faith tell you about the logic and impulse of empire? This second session delves deeper into the concepts of dominant narrative and empire as a critical framework for understanding the relevance and power of our clergy leaders and PICO’s organizing work. It introduces the counterpoint of the Abrahamic tradition of prophets, who possessed the unique ability to both see and name the ways in which empire works against the best interests of their communities.


ENCOUNTER – 25 min

  • LISTEN: Rev. Jin S. Kim lays out the narrative of empire and the response of people of faith (Prophetic Resistance podcast excerpt)

  • DISCUSS: How do you understand empire? What does it mean for people of faith?

DISRUPT – 25 min

  • PRESENT: Dominant Narrative & the Pillars of Empire 

  • DISCUSS: In what ways do you see the dominant narrative at work in your congregation/community?

REIMAGINE – 30 min

  • PRESENT: Prophet Case Study 

  • DO: In two groups, write two Op-Ed headlines: one written by the prophet capturing his message to the ancient empire and the second written by the prophet capturing his message to the modern-day empire.

  • DISCUSS: What’s the relationship between prophet and empire? Who is called into that role? What does it require?


ACT – 10 min

  • REVIEW: What are the consequences of empire for your community and what are you doing about it?

  • DO: [TBD by Federation]