Preparation Guide

Preparation Guide

Click here for a link to the recording of the Clergy Prep Webinar (17 Oct 2017).

Suggested Readings from the Preparation Guide:

Liebling, Mordechai. “A Theology of Liberation.”

Mathews, Michael-Ray. "Resistance We Can Imagine: Cultivating Ecclesial Imaginations for Racial Justice & Healing in Public Life." In Trouble the Water: A Christian Resource for the Work of Racial Justice. Macon, GA: Nurturing Faith, Inc., 2017.

McBride, Michael, Traci Blackmon, Frank Reid, and Barbara Williams Skinner. "Waiting for a Perfect Protest?" The New York Times, September 1, 2017, sec. Opinion.

Ray, Stephen. “Remarks on the Power of Religion.” Lecture presented at the PICO Organizing Committee Meeting, Baltimore, MD, February 27, 2017.

Suggested podcast episodes can be found by clicking this link.